Friday, January 9, 2009

Madison on TV - Part Two

As we had suspected he might, given her status as the littlest ballerina, Drew Carney of NewsChannel 8 wanted to feature Madison during his broadcast. Even though this is not in the ballet at all, Madison was to be lifted high overhead by one of the other members of the cast, or perhaps by Drew Carney himself. Madison said "nothin' doin'".

I don't know if it was the freezing cold temperature in the theater, the uncommon amount of attention, or that Madison had to wake up at 4:00 AM, but something about it spooked her and she suddenly became very timid and even broke down in tears - from embarrassment, I suppose.

The focus of the broadcast was mainly on Drew Carney learning and performing a few ballet maneuvers, all while dressed and decorated as a member of the cast. The cast improvised some quick routines for the commercial teasers, lead-ins and background pieces. Madison is shown quite a bit, as is the entire cast, as she stands in the background while Drew Carney does his thing. About halfway through Madison donned a coat to help keep warm, further evidence of how ALL of the ballet company adores and looks after her. I don't think the radiators in that theater have been opened since I last left it in '93. 

Madison did get a close-up when Drew pointed out the variety of ages among the cast. "... some even older than that little girl there," he said. We were done an hour early (by 7:00 AM) and Madison is now napping in preparation for her very long day ahead.

Video to follow as soon as I can get it into my PC and edit it.

Afterwards, I opened all of the radiators up to full, so hopefully it will warm up by tonight.

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Sierra said...

That is mucho cool! I hope she has a good time tonight at the performance. I'm going to run down to my cable TV and see if I can grab the channel 8 morning show and see her. From her Thanksgiving Dance, I can tell she is serious about her ballet.