Thursday, October 23, 2008

Student Becomes the Master

Like a lot of kids, Brookie has long had issues with hitting. She hits walls, toys, legs, Madison, herself, Karsten, and anything else within arm's length. I'm getting pretty tired of dealing with it.

Yesterday she hit Madison and made her cry. Madison cries until someone acknowledges that she is crying, and then she stops. Frustrated that time-outs, spankings, removal of privileges and banishment to the garage are failed strategies, I asked Madison, "Why don't you hit her back and see how she likes it?"

Madison started crying even harder, "No, no. I won't do it!"

"Why not? Maybe she'll learn to stop hitting you if she knows what it feels like."

"But Heavenly Father wouldn't be happy if I hit her back."

She's only five, yet she has already buried her weapons. Then there's dad, encouraging her to slug her little sister.


Julie said...

This totally cracked me up. I love that Madison is so grown up about it :o) When Denver and Tag start fighting we have to tear them apart from each other so no one ends up seriously hurt. We do the "let's try that again this way..." it seems to work about half the time :o)

Lainie said...

OK this made me laugh because we had almost the identical scenario happen at our house except Jas DID consent to hit back and it DID work!! ;0) Case still not solved, now we have other issues like making sure not to hit back much harder than original blow. ;0)

S said...

I heard HF frowns on that sort of thing. I'm just sayin'...