Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Madison's Crush

We gamed the system just a bit. This time we knew where to sit and what they were looking for, thanks to the reconnasaince we ran two years ago during our previous trip to Disneyland.

There is an incredibly inovative attaction at CA called "Turtle Talk With Crush". Crush is the giant sea turtle from Finding Nemo that talks like a surfer. Kids and parents fill a dark room with stadium seating and a large carpeted area in front where the kids sit. There is a large fish tank-looking movie screen as the focal point of the room.

Crush enters the picture and refers to the audience as "the human tank". He then picks an especially cute little kid from the carpeted area on his right. We'll call her 'Madison', or as Crush dubbed her, 'Malibu Madison'.

Crush: Who's this cute little chicklette in the front with the pink flippers and the white shell.
Madison: Madison
C: Let's call you Malibu Madison. Malibu Madison, do you know how to talk like a turtle?
M: Yes.
C: Cha. You're talking to me right now, little dudette! You totally rock! I'm going to teach to how to speak turtle. Say 'totally'.
M: Totally.
C: Awesome. Okay, say 'sweet'.
M: [Suddenly bashful]
Sara: Say 'sweet'.
M: Sweet.
C: You are a natural, little dudette. Okay, now put them together.
M: Totally sweet.
C: Whoa! That was totally sweet, young human. It's like we're on the same - whoa - that was weird. We totally like, connected. Malibu Madison, where are you from?
S: Say Oregon
M: Oregon
C: Oregon. [blank stare] I do not know where that is. Is there good surfing in Oregon?
S: No
M: No
C: Whoa, that sounds [long pause] nice. Malibu Madison, who brought you here to Disneyland today? Who are you here with?
M: My mom and my daddy.
C: Is your mom the chicklette whispering to you what to say?
M: Yeah.
C: Whoa! Hey Mom, you've got a mini-grommet on your lap there. What's your name, Malibu Madison's mom?
S: Sara.
C: Surfin' Sara, how many little grommets do you have?
S: Three.
C: Oh, you're just getting started! I have 65 offspring. Surfin' Sara - do your little frys constantly ask you, like, a lot of questions, like, all the time? I mean mine are always like, and I'm like, I do not know.
S: Yes, they do. Actually, Madison has a question for you, Crush.
C: Oh, righteous! What is your question Malibu Madison?
S: Why do turtles have shells? (This really was Madison's question. We had asked her beforehand so that she would be ready with something in case she got chosen, which she did. We thought it was a very good question considering the typical "what's your favorite color" or "what do turtles eat" that kid's usually ask him. She came up with it entirely on her own.)
C: To protect us from being eaten by tiger sharks.

A brief explanation followed, then Crush solicited the audience for a few other questions. Madison was so giddy after that.

I haven't figured out how they pull this act off. They obviously have either the actual voice of Crush or a very good impersonator voicing the character. But the movement and animation and the dialog and the events that transpire are all custom to each show. It's quite impressive. We tried to get My and her kids in to see the show after the CA parade, but we missed the last showing (parade was at 5:00 PM, last showing was at 5:30 PM, CA closes at 6:00 PM - earlier than most businesses nowadays.) We'll get-er-done tomorrow for sure.

Just a couple of additions to Brookie's autograph collection today: Farmer Mickey and Minnie and the Queen of Hearts from Alice In Wonderland. We ignored some dude from Pocahontas twice; a purple, Captain Hook-like figure. We tried but couldn't catch Mr. Incredible or the old-lady witch from Snow White.

The CA parade at 5:00 was very entertaining. I'd rather call it the Pixar Parade, though, as all of the characters and floats are from the Pixar successes of recent history: Cars, Ratatouille, Monster's, Inc., A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo and Toy Story. It was a lot more entertaining and fun for everyone than the 50th Anniversary parade at Disneyland. For everyone, that is, except Madison. She refuses to choose a favorite.

We've got a busy day ahead tomorrow. We have to pack up and check out before going into the parks at 9:00 AM. We will leave the parks by about 4:30 PM to allow enough time to get to the airport during rush hour for our flight home.

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MoM and DaD said...

Now, that was GREAT. I wish you could have video taped the encounter. It sounds like totally cool. Malibu Madison will have to tell us all about it. Have a great last day and we'll see you when you get home!!!