Monday, December 22, 2008

I Wanna Wash My Hands, My Face and Hair With Snow

As I fought my way out onto the deck in my flip-flops this afternoon, with tape measure in hand to see how much snow had fallen (20 inches so far), I considered that if I had known it was going to snow this much, I'd have done a few things differently. For example, I would have: 
  • Set up a measuring pole in the yard, or on the deck, to easily mark the snow's progress
  • Taken a few pictures each day, of the same thing, from the same location, to compile one of those time-lapse photo series
  • Stocked up on seed for all of those starving birds that decided to pass the Winter at our place and now can't find their worms
  • Mailed our last couple of Christmas cards (just the ones to my boss and my boss's boss) before being cut off by the Post Office
  • Bought some kind of sled/disc for the girls to slide on
  • Put Christmas lights on some of our landscape trees; they look killer with their thick coat of ice on all of the branches, and white lights would have been spectacular
  • Upgraded our cable package from Basic to something with more to watch than the 24 hour/day weather report that is now on every single station
I actually did do a couple of things in preparation that I am semi-proud of:
  • Put chains on the Jeep when there was just an inch or two of snow on the ground
  • Put a tarp over the Jeep to allow for quick snow/ice clearance in case we need to venture out
  • Had the propane tank filled
  • Got Christmas shopping completed
  • Stocked up on goodies to help make our long days together more enjoyable

Saw that some dude was doing this to cars all over Seattle this week and thought I'd try it out myself. My face was so cold it burned, but pretty cool results, I think.


Leslee said...

that is cool. How did you do that?

Ducheznee said...

Face plant into the snow piled on the Jeep. Somewhat hard to get a clean impression. Looked a bit like Darth Vader's crumbling head when I pulled my face out the first time. Had to warm up and reinsert for a cleaner look.