Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Skunk Hat - Djeryd vs. Q-Tip

Djeryd has his finger on the pulse of Hollywood. Or rather, his head.

This guy, who befittingly calls himself "Q-Tip", was obviously at Disneyland and saw Djeryd sporting his skunk hat, which then served as inspiration for his wardrobe in a hip-hop video release shortly thereafter.

The resemblance is not entirely dissimilar.


Leslee said...

That is TOO funny.

Sierra said...

I hate to be contrary, but I don't think skunks have rings on their tails. I believe that particularly distinctive style is the sole property of racoons, thus the moniker "coonskin cap".

Ducheznee said...

@Sierra - As you have been following this blog longer than anyone, I'm surprised you did not appreciate the significance of the misnomer, "skunk hat".

Please brush up at your convenience:

I suppose I should have included references to those posts in this one.