Monday, January 12, 2009

Madison on TV - Part Three - Full Video

YouTube evidently doesn't allow clips longer than 10 minutes in length, so I had to break this up into two parts, both in-line below. 

This is a compilation of ten separate clips that aired over the course about an hour and a half beginning at 5:15 AM on Friday, December 9th on Portland's KGW channel 8. I'd not heard of Drew Carney before, but he was very professional and a lot of fun. Every part was aired live (no retakes). 

There is a great close-up of Madison at about the 00:07:30 mark where she is singled out as the youngest member of the company, so that would be from about 00:01:30 to 00:01:40 in the second video.

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Lainie said...

That is so stinkin' cute! You must be soooooooooooo proud!!!