Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank You, And May I Have Another

As further evidence that our newly minted President is indeed the one who will restore balance to the Force, the markets responded to today's events (all of them, not just the inauguration) by redistributing a sizable chunk of my retirement fund. Remember, financial markets are generally a fairly accurate measure of our collective expectations, hopes and fears. My largest single holding, comprising half of my 401k, shed a full 24%. For every $100 I had last night, I now have $76. I like to think I'm now lighter, more nimble.

I guess I was secretly hoping that the 50% of voters that installed this regime might actually demonstrate some of that hopeful vigor we heard so much about and do something to spark the economy and the markets. Some type of "Yes we can!" we-told-you-so statement directed at the prior administration. Today would have been the day to do it, right? What day would have been better?


WOW! I just now got off the phone with robo-Steve Duin of KATU Channel 2. The first thing he wanted to know was my opinion of how well Barack Obama is serving as POTUS.

Can't say that I have much ground for evaluation at this point, ten and a half hours in. All I know is he's down $170 million to the house, is holding a poor hand, and likely does not have any aces up his sleeve.


Douhet said...

It cracks me up when you take the time to talk to people on the phone and argue with them about what they are calling for. Kylee put us on the no contact list so I don't have the opportunity to argue with anyone.

Lainie said...

I am amazed at how mezmerized people are by him. Like he's some savior or something. Talk is cheap, lets see the action: the impossible wanna-do-it-all-to-please-the-libs action. This will all be very interesting to observe. Glad I'M not president!