Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Zero No Longer

We didn't get to claim Karsten on our 2007 tax filing. He wasn't born until after the year ended. We recently held a small celebration in his honor to mark the completion of his first year on this planet. And while I'm extremely grateful for the standard Child Credit for 2008, I'm also proud to be Karsten's dad.
  • Dude can eat - six squares a day
  • Dude sleeps like a hibernating bear
  • Dude's tough - able to withstand his sisters' constant adoration/punishment
  • Dude only says one word - "dada"
Here's Karsten mowing down three of his birthday cupcakes with all the gusto of a kid getting his first real taste of sugar. Twas nary a crumb left behind.

And another of Madison chauffeuring Karsten around in his sweet new ride, a vintage, all metal, pedal-powered Oliver mini farm tractor (and trailer). Thanks Grandma and Grandpa H, and Great-Grandma and Grandpa N!!!

Karsten is likely a year or so away from being able to pedal it himself, but that's just as well. The dude's growing up so fast already - no need to rush driving.


Julie said...

He is so adorable!!

Lainie said...

I LOVE the tractor guy. My boys will be entertained for hours next time we come over!!! J/K we'll let him pedal before we subject the machine to the Pyper dude duo. Happy Birthday Karsten!!! We are so happy you joined us here!!!