Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Where There's Smoke...

I've stumbled across the solution to all that ails our country, economically speaking. Here goes:

If President Obama can somehow be allowed to continue nominating candidates for his cabinet indefinitely - ignoring the traditional and theoretical limitations of cabinet size - in so doing he will eventually expose the identities of all U.S. tax cheats. As those individuals settle their debts with the IRS under the pressure of the public eye, Federal coffers will be bolstered and strength once again restored to the American financial system.

In addition to new Treasury Secretary Geithner's previously publicized indiscretions, two more tax-evading public servant nominees surfaced today. 

Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle was to be the new Health and Human Services Secretary. Ironically, he used to serve on the senate's tax-writing committee.

Nancy Killefer was supposed to be the first "performance czar", but will now be dealing with the IRS lien against her house instead.

To Daschle and Killefer's credit, they at least had the good sense to withdraw their names from consideration due to the public embarrassment they've brought upon themselves and their colleagues. That's in stark contrast to the arrogance we've seen recently from Geithner or Portland's admitted pedophile mayor, Sam Adams.


The official web site of the White House lists 22 Cabinet/Cabinet-level positions. If the same ratio holds true across the entire population, that means 14% of us aren't paying our fair share of taxes. It follows that, speaking generally, for every $100 owed in taxes, only $86 is collected. How many of us would like a 14% raise in salary? How many companies would still be in business or could have avoided massive layoffs had they generated 14% more income?

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