Thursday, March 5, 2009

One Common Thread

US Trade Representative Nominee Ron Kirk is the latest friend of Obama to be caught trying to cheat the IRS and the citizens of this country. Am I the only person who find this absolutely hilarious? Not to mention disturbing, comical, egregious and, if I were President Obama, embarrassing. Aren't our friends a reflection of our own character? If all of my friends were drug dealers, it would not be entirely unreasonable to assume that I, too, had dabbled in that most dubious of enterprises.

Raising taxes. Cutting taxes. Evading taxes. Every day it's something different from these model citizens. The only constant is that every day we hear something something to do with taxes.

I have serious doubts that these tax issues would have been resolved had the individuals involved not been nominated. Would they have sought out the IRS to set things right? Would they have continued to conceal their theft?

My favorite part of this article is that Kirk has "agreed to make his payments" on his back taxes, in much the same manner one might "agree" to provide for his child or stop for a crossing train.

What's scary is that these stories represent only the corruption we have heard about. I have a feeling that if one were to pull on the right string, the entire fabric would unravel like the sweater from my previous post.

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