Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Obama and Kumar Go To White House

Behold, the newest member of the Obama administration. You know him best as "Kumar" of that crazy duo, Harold and Kumar: Kal Penn

I have nothing personal against Mr. Penn - he was terrific in "24", which I think is the only work of his that I've seen.

Some of Mr. Penn's achievements from his illustrious career:
  • MTV Movie Award nominee in two categories - Best Musical Performance, Best On-Screen Team
  • Screen Actors Guild Award nominee
  • Teen Choice Award nominee

What for? Why does the White House need an Office of Public Liaison? Doesn't the entire "art" community already worship Obama? This sounds like a big, nasty corporation that is trying to do damage control (think big tobacco) through public outreach.

Glad it wasn't Sean Penn. Kal at least is likable.

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