Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No Good Deed

As a big 'thank you' to everyone charged with protecting America throughout these many years since 9/11, the Great Accommodator and People's Champion President Obama has put the world on notice - the United States of America will use every available means to prosecute you for anything you may have done during the reign of the prior administration. All in a completely nonpartisan manner, of course.

I'm not arguing. You're the one that's arguing.

Many believe that this position from the President weakens America and inhibits the effectiveness of interrogation strategies

In fact, one of Obama's own people, the top U.S. intelligence official, has acknowledged the importance and effectiveness of the now banned interrogation techniques. Of course, that's not the message being communicated to the public

If interrogating terrorists becomes outlawed, then only outlaws will help protect America by interrogating terrorists. That, or they'll choose another career path - one in which their boss won't feed them to the wolves.


Speaking of terrorism - Did you hear about the White House's Air Force One photo op amid the skyscrapers of New York City? Aww, that'd make for some sweet pictures, right? I mean, Air Force One [technically it is only called 'Air Force One' if the president is aboard, which he wasn't] escorted through Manhattan by two fighter jets? Awesome! Should we each expect an autographed print of that photo, considering we all financed it?

Oh yeah - it also scared the bejeezus out of New Yorkers who thought the city was being attacked again. It's okay though - some guy name Louis accepted full responsibility. He who must not must not be laughed at is, of course, entirely blameless in the matter. The buck stops somewhere before it reaches him.

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