Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nutty PETA Back in the News

Teetering dangerously beyond the edge of ridiculousness, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, famous for its "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" ad campaign) now wants 80's band "Pet Shop Boys" to change their name to a much more humane "Rescue Shelter Boys".


And this on the heals of the backlash over Vice President Biden's selection of a pedigreed dog as opposed to an animal from the pound. 

Death threats? Seriously?

Where is the retaliatory outcry from PETH (People for the Ethical Treatment of Humans)? 

More importantly, why does it seem like the selection of a presidential (and vice-presidential) pet generally on the top of the agenda for each new administration? And why should we, the people, give a rat's (nope) a hoot (ahhh)? Oops. Sorry PETA. I mean, why should we care in the least?

What's next? Really, there are much more dire issues that PETA should be addressing. 
  • The Easter holiday is little more than rabbit imagery exploitation day
  • There are reports of forced reindeer labor occurring somewhere in the Arctic Circle
  • Each year on Halloween there are millions of simultaneous violations of PETA regulation 242.16, "no human shall be permitted to impersonate an animal"
  • Reg. 242.16 also applies to those football movies where the defensive lineman barks at the opposing quarterback to intimidate him
This list barely even scratches the surface. What about the thousands of colleges, primary and secondary educational institutions that employ an animal-related moniker for their athletic teams? The "Pet Shop Boys" have as much to do with the mistreatment of animals as nearly any other musical act. Why not bully Madonna or Charlotte Church or Slayer or Paul Anka also? Why don't they have to change their names? Or better yet, why doesn't PETA launch their own musical act called the "Rescue Shelter Boys" and we'll just see how that works out?

If PETA wants to be taken seriously, it should act accordingly.

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