Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yes, But Where Are the Cavemen?

...or the monkeys

...or the fish with legs

...or normal fish

...or for that matter, anything that would remotely support the theory that an organism can evolve into some other type of living thing?

I understand, in theory, that evolution takes time - so much time in fact that nobody would ever be able to prove or disprove it - but shouldn't there be some evidence present after 1.5 million years? Survival of the fittest, yes. But fish crawling out of the ocean one day and building the Pyramids the next? With the exception of Mer-man, I don't buy it. Why have all of the other fish stopped trying to become human? Did the rest of them give up once one of their kind had accomplished the goal? Is that why I don't like to eat fish? Why can't I swim faster?

Scientists have discovered a colony of Antarctic microbes living undisturbed for the past 1.5 million years. That's pretty cool, I think. They plan to use this discovery not for anything to help us earthlings, but to boldly seek out new life and new civilizations on icy extra-terrestrial bodies where no man has gone before, but where we may have to go if we trash Earth too much.

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