Friday, May 15, 2009

The Empress Has No Clothes

Could it be that there is a great big lie being told and everyone is in on it except Nancy Pelosi? 

First, she denied any knowledge that waterboarding had been discussed.
Then, she admitted to having been briefed about it.
Then, she said she was told waterboarding would not be used.
Then, she said she was told waterboarding had not yet been used.
Then, she said that she had only been privy to one meeting.
Now she has taken the position that the entire CIA is lying.

I can't imagine that will be a popular position to take (against the CIA) with the American people. We like the CIA, right? Don't we glorify the CIA on TV and movies and sometimes even pretend we're CIA ourselves when we talk to our friends? Mission: Impossible? Bourne? Alias? James Bond? (Yes, I know, but that's not the point). 24? Men In Black? We love us some spies.

Why not just fess up and admit she knew about it? She could even admit that she was opposed to the techniques because not-so-deep-down she wants the terrorists to conceal information that might assist in preventing further attacks on U.S. interests. The Dems wern't in a strong position to do much about it anyway, if it had come to a vote. Despite the fact that she was the senior Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, she only attended one briefing on the matter. It wasn't for lack of opportunity. Ms. Pelosi was shirking her responsibilities. She sent her staff to subsequent meetings. She stated that she herself could not be bothered with this subject at the time because she was focused on taking control of the government. Could it be that, at this time, she is still most concerned about losing that control? Her back is against the wall. Who has the most at stake here? The CIA? What, are you going to disband the musketeers? The GOP? They can't lose much more than they already have. President Obama? To his credit, he didn't get involved in the politics. He accepted that waterboarding had been used and, according to his beliefs, choose to ban the controversial practice. 

I think Ms. Pelosi could learn A LOT from a children's song I remember from my childhood.

When you tell one lie, it leads to another.
Then you tell two lies to cover each other.
Then you tell three lies and, oh brother,
You're in trouble up to your ears.

So you tell four lies to try to protect you.
Then you tell five lies so folks won't suspect you.
Then you tell six lies and, you'll collect
A life filled with worries and fears.

'Cause you can't remember how many lies you've told
And half the things you say aren't true.
And sometime you'll slip up, you'll trip up, and then
Whatever will become of you?

So you lie and lie without even trying
And each lie you tell will keep multiplying
'Til the whole wide world will know you're lying
Then you'll be suspected,
And you should.
When you lie, you're closing the door on everything good.
-Janeen Brady

If this song is a 12-step program, I believe Ms. Pelosi is at the "whole wide world will know you're lying" stage.

Every day she has a different story to tell - a different recollection. She apparently has no qualms about it, but if I were on her staff I think I would be putting my resume out. If I were her colleague, I would be distancing myself from her. If I were her family, I would be embarrassed. 

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