Wednesday, July 1, 2009

From the Desk of Captain Obvious - Volume Four

  • Despite lying to federal investigators working the Blagovich case about his role in the rampant Chicago political corruption, "Senator" Burris will not face perjury charges. I'm sorry, apparently I do not understand the definition of "perjury".
  • In utter defiance of the lightweight UN Security Council and as the world pulls up a chair along the parade route, North Korea is exporting illegal arms to Myanmar. Way to stand your ground and let the commies know you mean business!
  • Nostraduchezneous, I am! I blogged previously about bonuses being paid at TARP recipients' firms. In short, bonuses reward results. The government has turned 'bonus' into a four-letter word. At least one company, Citibank, has taken the obvious path: cut bonuses but raise salaries. Chalk it up as yet another well-intentioned idea from our government that has exploded on the launch pad due to failure to consider consequences.
  • Speaking of unintended consequences - certain aspects of environmentalism are proving themselves to cause more damage to the environment than they prevent. Remember ethanol? - the corn-based wonderful wonderfuel that drove up global food prices, causes excessive engine wear and poor fuel efficiency?
  • The race war has now gone intergalactic as critics claim two new Transformer robots are making fun of "jive". I'm sure this has everything to do with hurt feelings and is not at all related to the several hundred million dollars in revenue that DreamWorks SKG is expected to earn from the film. And here's a tip: if you don't want to risk being stereotyped for speaking jive, simply don't speak jive. It is not "the way" certain people talk. It is learned and embraced. There are plenty of public figures that buck the trend and prove these particular speech patterns are not a product of genetics. 
  • President Obama wants the rich to carry more of the tax burden. If we scale everything down to 100 people paying $100 in total taxes, 1 person pays $28, 19 people pay another $42, 20 people contribute just $0.80 (total!), and the remaining 60 people pay the balance ($29.20). Aren't the wealthy doing enough already?

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