Monday, August 31, 2009

Señora Jimena

Turns out there's a Category 4/5 hurricane in our general vicinity. It looks like Hurricane Jimena will pass by us without too much ado, but we're already feeling some of the side effects. The usual 2-4 foot waves out back are expected to possibly reach 12 feet tonight. Just in the last couple of hours they have grown to about 6 feet. It's going to be an especially noisy night.

It also turns out that Google Earth can track hurricanes - I had no idea.

The star is where we're staying in Puerto Vallarta. The two middle red dots on Hurricane Jimena's plot represent her approximate locations at 2 AM and 2 PM Pacific today - Monday.

Jimena's course also happens to intersect with our flight path tomorrow night. I hope we go around it.


Sierra said...

I was thinking about you guys and hurricanes last night. I'm glad it's not any closer to you. I'm sure the airlines know how to handle that kind of stuff. Your family is doing well, but I can tell they miss you. Last night we heard all about how you make a burger. Apparently cheese is essential but it must be applied before the pickles.

SMDStudio said...

I hope you guys get home safe, and all that; but really, I'm having a hard time feeling sorry for you. ;> P.S. We had a great time with your kids. Karsten was especially smile-inducing.

Ducheznee said...

The plane flew WAY around the hurricane. All is well.