Monday, October 26, 2009

Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater

Tonight was pumpkin carving time in preparation for Halloween. You may recall my disdain for pumpkins from last year's pumpkin post - "Jack"-o-lantern. I don't know whether something had changed chemically within my being to make me like pumpkins or if I've simply become a broken man. But there were several small details which indicate I may actually be learning to enjoy the process.
  1. We bought multiple pumpkins
  2. I specifically selected a pumpkin with a bit of character, instead of seeking out the perfectly round specimen like I always have in the past
  3. I proactively sought out some potential ideas (thanks Google Images!) and let the kids vote on their favorite
  4. I initiated the event with the kids - Sara wasn't even home (she was grateful for that)
  5. Halfway in I realized that I had forgotten to don a pair of latex gloves to protect me from actual contact with the pumpkin guts - and I just shrugged it off
  6. The pumpkin didn't smell nearly as unpleasant as past experience had suggested
  7. I couldn't find any of our special carving tools but I persisted anyway with a paring knife
The winning design? Daddy's pumpkin eating Brookie's pumpkin!

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SMDStudio said...

Love it, love, love it!

D & J Moyes said...

You and Dustin are the same! He can't STAND the smell of pumpkins and HATES to touch the guts. He wears rubber gloves as well! I thought he was weird.....apparently there are 2 of you!jk Good job on your pumpkin though that was great! Tell Dustin it wasn't so bad!

Leslee said...

You did an AWESOME job!!! I love it!

Sierra said...

I laughed out loud when I saw the picture. That is so cool! We actually went to a patch this year to select our pumpkins; a first for all my girls. They enjoyed the corn maze more than picking out their pumpkins. We carved last night, but ours are byzantine compared to your innovative design.