Monday, November 2, 2009

Times Are Changing

When I woke Madison up for school this morning she immediately observed (in her Miracle Max's chocolate coated pill sudden outburst of speech manner), "Dad, it feels like we're going to be late today."

We weren't running late. She was expecting it to still be dark outside when she woke up. With the time change early Sunday morning she perceived that something was not as it should have been.

She surprised me further as we were watching the World Series this evening. "Dad, why do they wear white uniforms when they know they're just going to fall down and get them dirty? They should just make their whole uniform be the color [the accent color]."

I was thinking, Sunday morning, that it might be nice if the Earth's rotation were such that we needed to "fall back" every Saturday night. The constant clock adjustment would be annoying at first, but soon become routine. And that bonus hour of sleep every week would be a welcome change.

And while we're on the subject, I've often wondered why we even still have Daylight Savings. My understanding is that Daylight Savings was conceived as a way to give farmers more daylight hours with which to work. Aside from the obvious fact that adjusting a clock in either direction does not cause the sun to remain in the sky any longer or shorter than it otherwise would, what difference does it make if the average person wakes up in the dark or light?

In Madison's case, I wake her up at 7 AM. Well, this morning she noticed that some daylight had already been burned. And it's going to be darker one hour earlier than usual, too, meaning we'll have to turn lights on an hour earlier than normal, meaning we'll be using more electricity than normal.

Turns out I was wrong about the origins of Daylight Savings, but I can count Benjamin Franklin among my supporters for being a proponent of simply adjusting one's personal habits to take advantage of the free sunlight.

What do you think? Do you like Daylight Savings? How does it affect your life? How would you change the system?

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SMDStudio said...

Sean said the exact same things you said about how it doesn't make electrical sense, etc. I'm just happy to have one day a year where I can sleep for one extra hour - because I HAVE to.